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Five considerations when hiring a New York divorce attorney

When hiring a legal representative to handle their divorce case, people should consider numerous factors to ensure they make the right choice.

The New York Department of Health reports there were 56,416 marriage dissolutions across the state in 2014. Even if they agree on most of the matters to be dealt with, many who make the difficult decision to get divorced choose to hire an attorney. Although it may seem like any one lawyer is as good as the next, each have different experience, approaches and personalities, which may make one a better fit for a family than another. There are several considerations that people should take into account when choosing a divorce lawyer to ensure they select the right one for them and their situations.

Experience and credentials

In order to legally practice, lawyers must all meet some basic qualifications. When considering which attorney to hire, people may want to know what experience and credentials they have above what is mandated. Furthermore, it may benefit those getting divorced to select legal representatives who have experience handling matters similar to their own or who specialize in issues like theirs.

Previous client reviews

Reading about divorce attorneys' qualifications is one thing, but knowing how they work with their clients, the court and other legal representatives is another. Before choosing their divorce lawyer, it is a good idea for people to read reviews from past clients or talk with some referral contacts. Speaking with people who lawyers have represented may provide those getting divorced with details about what they can expect from them.


Some divorces are much like the contentious battles that often play out on television and in Hollywood. In other cases, couples may decide they should no longer be married, but still wish to retain amicable relationships. When considering which divorce lawyer to hire, people should consider each attorney's style and approach. Taking such factors into account may help them identify whether a lawyer is best suited to act in accordance with their wishes.

Budget and fees

With no set amount for attorneys to charge for their services, the expense can vary significantly from one lawyer to the next. Therefore, people should ask about how attorneys charge before they make their decision. This may help them avoid selecting a legal representative whose fees will not fit into their budgets.


Divorce cases are often very sensitive in nature. This is because people must discuss personal matters, such as the reasons for the breakdown of the marriage, including adultery, abuse or abandonment. Therefore, it is important that they choose an attorney with whom they feel comfortable. Prior to making their choice, it may help for those who are getting divorced to interview their potential candidates to see whether the lawyers' personalities mesh with their own.

For many New Yorkers, going through a divorce may be one of the most trying experiences of their lives. Working with an attorney, however, may help alleviate some of their stresses. A lawyer may help them navigate the legal process and look out for their best interests.

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