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For women, divorce can result in a boost in happiness levels

Divorce is usually associated with feelings of depression, distress and a wide variety of unhappy emotions. However, new studies are debunking this myth about divorce, particularly for women. New research suggests that after divorce, many women are much more stable and better off than they ever imagined that they could be in the aftermath of splitting up from their spouse.

Divorce and happiness are compatible

In 2002, a controversial study conducted by the Institute for American Values claimed that those individuals who divorced after being involved in an unhappy marriage were unable to increase their happiness levels above those who remained married. However, new research from London's Kingston University is contradicting this previous study. The research studied U.K. citizens between the ages of 16 to 60 and took a close look at their happiness before and after major life milestones, like divorce.

According to the research, the women involved in the study were significantly more content in the five years following their divorce. Even though divorce often has a more profound financial impact on women than men that may lead to unhappiness after the dissolution of marriage, the men in the study also reported that their happiness levels were higher after divorce but not as noticeably as the women's.

However, this happiness and contentment after divorce may not come without a little bit of effort. In order for women to sustain or increase their happiness levels after divorce, women should:

  • Use the divorce as an opportunity for growth.
  • Analyze the areas of their life which they would like to improve.
  • Try and surround themselves with positive and uplifting people.
  • Get professional assistance to handle the many emotions that a divorce may cause.

Women should also try and remember that their newfound happiness will probably not happen overnight and should approach each goal step by step.

Children may even benefit from divorce as well

Although this new research indicates that women may be happier after divorce, this happiness can often be overshadowed if there are children in the marriage. However, divorce can also be beneficial for children in certain situations. For example, divorce allows children to feel more relaxed once the tension of their parent's marriage is released. A divorce may also give the children the opportunity to experience each parent individually. When both parents are together, each often takes on different roles which may or may not involve giving their children individual attention regularly. Shared custody situations allow children to benefit from the unique characteristics of each of their parents.

If you and your spouse are considering a divorce, it is important that you work directly with an attorney throughout the process. An experienced divorce attorney can ensure that your divorce goes smoothly so that your happiness is secured after the divorce is final.

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