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Slip-and-Fall Injuries

New York Lawyers Handling Slip and Fall Injuries

When a negligent supermarket, big box store, mall, hotel, or any other retail or public space owners fail to maintain their property with a certain amount of care and attention to safety, they might be liable for the injuries you suffer as a result. If you have been hurt, you have rights and options that should be explored as part of a premises liability personal injury action.

Throughout the Capital Region, for more than 85 years, the law firm of Bartle, McGrane, Duffy & Jones, LLP, has been helping personal injury victims protect and assert their rights. We are a firm you can turn to for any type of legal need, which is why we build such strong bonds with our clients and they feel comfortable coming to us in times of need and worry.

Conveniently located in historic downtown Troy, we offer free consultations for people who have personal injury causes of action. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss you needs and concerns with our knowledgeable staff. The initial consultation is free of charge and there are no attorney fees until you recover compensation.

Our Troy slip-and-fall injury attorneys can help you recover compensation for accidents stemming from any of the following conditions:

  • Failing to fully clean ice and snow from sidewalks and parking lots
  • Not properly cleaning up spills or marked to give warning of a slippery surface
  • Products that have fallen off shelves and are not restocked
  • Displays that are not positioned correctly and cause an obstruction
  • Uneven surfaces, including cracks
  • Improper lightning
  • Broken stairways and railings
  • Holes that have not been filled or properly blocked off
  • Failing to warn of a dangerous condition such as where construction is taking place or another hazard exists

Whether a slip- or trip-and-fall occurs on private or public property, it is important to speak with us right away. We want to help document all relevant details before evidence is potentially destroyed, altered or lost. We also want to ensure you receive proper medical treatment and that these records accurately reflect how much you need to cover your health care needs as well as pain and suffering and lost wages you incur.

Albany Premises Liability Lawyers

This also holds true if a neighbor's negligent action results in injury to you or a loved one. We can make a claim on their homeowner's insurance policy and handle all the legal details, while helping to try and preserve your relationship with him or her.

No matter your need, our lawyers are here to connect you with resources that can help you move forward after your injury. From rehabilitation and assistance getting to work or other locations by securing a rental vehicle or other transportation, our goal is to achieve compensation that covers all of these expenses. We know how to prove liability and we are committed to helping you through this difficult time.

For more information about our personal injury practice, or to schedule a free consultation, please contact the law office of Bartle, McGrane, Duffy & Jones, LLP, today.

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