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We provide a range of legal services with close attention and availability to each of our clients.

A History Of Excellent Legal Service

For over 90 years, Bartle, McGrane, Duffy & Jones, LLP, has served individuals and business owners all over the Capital District of New York. Our attorneys practice in a variety of areas including real estate, estate planning and litigation on civil matters, such as personal injury or property disputes.

Any legal matter can become complicated and can rarely be resolved without the help of a lawyer. Our approach is to simplify cases as much as possible while still achieving our client’s goals. Whether we are working through a contract dispute or litigating a foreclosure, we will find the path that is most effective.

Trusted Knowledge And Devotion To Our Clients

When looking for an attorney, you want someone you can trust and rely on to represent your interests. We make a point of staying up-to-date on the law at all times so we are always prepared to serve our clients. Our attention to research and our decades of experience have resulted in many successful outcomes in all of our practice areas.

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We place emphasis on availability. We always strive for open communication, and we respond to clients as soon as we can. Contact us online or call 518-880-2243 or 800-575-9604 to set up an appointment with us.

We are located in Troy and work throughout the Capital District and upstate New York.

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