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Start Your Medicaid Planning Now

The laws surrounding Medicaid are quite complicated and the sooner you start planning, the better. Your eligibility is affected by what is called a “five-year look back period,” meaning any financial gifts during the last five years will affect your Medicaid application. If you start accounting for this now, an estate planning attorney can help you effectively pass your assets through gifts and trusts without affecting your application later.

Are You Eligible?

Eligibility for institutional Medicaid, or Medicaid that covers nursing home care, is dependent on your finances. Your nonexempt assets must have a value of 14,250 dollars or less. An example of an asset that is exempt from this value would be your house.

Your spouse is allowed to keep your exempt assets and a portion of nonexempt assets while you are in a nursing home. However, your eligibility can be impacted by the five-year look back period if you gave any financial gifts during that time. Because of the regulations and planning involved, Medicaid is a very complicated legal area. Finding a knowledgeable attorney to help you could be the difference between acceptance or rejection of Medicaid benefits.

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